Enjoy explosive speed, regardless of safety, with Go-kart accessories

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To ensure the safety of players when participating in Go-kart racing activities, it is extremely important to be fully equipped with protective accessories. Here's a list of the safety accessories you need for the Go-kart race

1. Helmet

Helmets are an "inseparable item" for any Go-kart racer. It serves as the first shield, protecting the most important part from severe impact in the event of an accident. So, the riders choose helmets that meet international safety standards like DOT, SNELL, ECE to ensure optimal safety.

2. Protective suit

The protective suit includes a coat, long pants, gloves designed from a thick material, which is resistant to wear and effectively reduces injury. It will protect your body from collisions, scratches and dirt as you conquer the track.

3. Protective armor

Protective armor like the chest, back, shoulders and elbows are silent “warriors” protecting vital parts of the body. Made of hard plastic or synthetic fiber, the protective armor is capable of absorbing the impact force, helping players minimize the risk of injury in the event of a collision.

4. Protective shoes

Protective shoes play an important role in ensuring grip while moving on the track. Racers should choose shoes with high necks to protect ankles, thick rubber supports to increase grip and good sliding resistance.

In addition, players should also note some of the following to ensure safety when playing Go-kart:

By fully equipping safety accessories and complying with safety regulations, players can enjoy Go-kart entertainment experiences in a safe and enjoyable way.

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